Client Testimonials



We were referred to Chebel Mina and Broadview Mortgage by our trusted friend, and real estate agent, Elias Klaeb. Chebel, Carolyn, and Alexandria all supported us throughout this process in a highly competent, professional and ethical manner. Whenever questions arose, they responded quickly and accurately to ease our minds during the process. Even though this is the first time we used Chebel, his staff, and Broadview Mortgage, we were highly impressed by manner in which we were made to feel like a part of the family… that the relationship was the most important thing.  The ‘videos’ that Chebel sent to us were both informative and entertaining. They kept us in a light-hearted mood. I have provided Chebel’s card to a number of people and during some telephone conversations with my ‘clients,’ I have referred others to him with questions regarding their mortgage situation(s). If you could figure out how to clone Chebel and his staff, your success rate would probably increase one hundred-fold.” – Robert F.


"I chose to use Broadview Mortgage and Chebel T. Mina because I had two referrals from two different families who had worked with Chebel Mina and highly, highly, highly recommended him. My friends assured me that Chebel is a very honest, kind, forthcoming, and highly knowledgeable man. He lived up to these recommendations and comments far and beyond. Chebel went above and beyond to help me, put me at ease and took such fantastic care of me. I have never experienced such outstanding customer service, something I will never forget. I tease Chebel telling him that when I win the lottery, I will purchase a very expensive home and come to him for the loan, even though I wouldn't really need a loan! I would do it anyways, just to make sure he gets the business!" - Kay L.


"Our experience with Chebel and Broadview Mortgage was wonderful. My husband and I were first time home buyers, so we really didn’t know what to expect from the mortgage process. Chebel sat us down and just talked with us for a couple hours to get to know us. It definitely put us at ease. He gave us a great piece of advice – you’re only anxious about something when you don’t have all the information. He let us know that if we were ever concerned or confused, that we could call him anytime and ask any question. In this type of industry it’s easy to be taken advantage of when you’re new to the game and unsure of the rules. But Chebel and his team really treated us like family and had our best interests at heart. I’m certain that the reason we’re living in our first home is due to Chebel’s care and hard work on our behalf. I would recommend Chebel Mina and Broadview Mortgage to anyone. Thank you Chebel!" - Molly & Nick


"There are many reasons why I like Broadview Mortgage, but the main reason why I love this company is because of Mr. Chebel Mina. His representation of Broadview Mortgage exceeded my expectations. He is not only a very knowledgeable loan officer who always provided answers to all of our questions efficiently, but he is more importantly a kind-hearted person who was empathetic during the loan process. He showed sincerity, honesty, and direction, which are rare qualities in this business. My husband, children and I admire Mr. Mina, not only as a professional, but also as a father-figure. He was supportive and provided guidance with every obstacle; always with a smile and a positive outlook. We were able to surpass all challenges smoothly and efficiently because of his dedication, his ability to work as a Team at Broadview, and his hard-work that never stopped after-hours. His character is the epitome of not only what a professional loan officer should be, but also what a person aspires to be. We love Mr. Mina, and we feel Broadview Mortgage is very blessed and fortunate to have him. He is our angel during one of the most important process of our life, and we will never ever forget his professionalism, humanity, and compassion.” – E.L.


“I had the pleasure of finding Chebel through a recommendation. I will use him in all my future mortgage needs and will strongly advise my friends to give him a call also. He explained the intricacies of my FHA loan in very understandable terms. He took time to make sure that I was comfortable and understood each step in the process. He has an amazing level of integrity and advises customers in their best interest, not his own.”  – Amy M.


“In an industry that’s now known for selling homeowners mortgages they could ill afford, Mortgage Consultant Chebel Mina stands out for his extremely high integrity. In fact, Chebel is so committed to putting his customer’s interests first that his starting point is to create a financial pro forma for each customer. If this pro forma shows that a proposed mortgage is not in the client’s financial best interests, Chebel refuses to submit the loan for approval. That’s integrity!” – Linda C., Owner, Plumtree Marketing, Inc.


“Chebel is an incredibly honest, personable, timely, and knowledgeable person! He was able to complete our loan in a timeline that nearly everyone I spoke to said was impossible, not to mention great attention to detail. He explained anything we asked, and many things we didn’t even think to ask, which was just as important as we were first-time home buyers. His expertise and integrity was were obvious and we would not hesitate to refer him to friends and family! Thank you Chebel!!”  – Ram R.


"I went from an extremely anxious upset person coming from another lender to a calm happy person. He calmed me, found a program that fit my financial needs and took on my account in the middle of escrow, completing on time. He called regularly to keep me up to date. He counseled me through each part of the process even on weekends and evenings." - Heather B.


 “Chebel assisted my wife and I in the purchase of our first home – one we had been renting for 2-1/2 years that was foreclosed upon. Our purchase was not your typical FHA. Chebel ENSURED that it was possible and he delivered! Chebel excels in educating his clients. He is an apologetic by nature; always justifying the means before we even have to ask our questions. Chebel’s focus is that we had understanding and clarification. We trust him completely.


“On a personal note, Chebel invested a lot of one-on-one time in us and went out of his way to make this deal possible. There was never a moment where I felt Chebel dropped the ball or put me on the back burner. I felt like I was his only client the entire 7 months he worked with us. He conducted himself professionally and maintained a high level of ethical business practices. We hit a difficult situation that required Chebel to fight for us – he did – in so many ways! I think we were mostly impressed with his ability to be real and personable while conducting himself professionally. Most people don’t have the finesse to maintain both attributes. We already have referred him to another couple and they are pursuing their interest with Chebel.


“We can not thank you enough, Chebel, for the endurance that you exhibited and the patience you kept with our challenging circumstances. Since we are rather independent from our parents, it was also comforting to have you next to us as a parental support. (Chebel also has a terrific sense of humor and keeps very late hours!) – Kevin T.


“Chebel is a very honest, personable and knowledgeable Loan Officer who is on top of the changing market.” – Glenda T.


“Chebel is a rarity in today’s world. Not only is he friendly, approachable and honest, but he was professional, knowledgeable and extremely proficient in time management. I would and do recommend him to everyone I know as well as tell people to “check with Chebel first” before proceeding with a loan. Again, a rarity in today’s world.” – Greg H.


“Chebel has worked with me now for three mortgages; he has provided excellant advice and results each and every time. Chebel has also worked with my son (on my advice) on two of his mortgages. Chebel is always honest and up front, providing advice that is in the interest of his clients.” – Fred H.


“I have worked with Chebel on several transactions over the course of a year; Maybe a half dozen. He has demonstrated the utmost professionalism, respect and care of my clients in every capacity. He has gone so far above and beyond in getting things done and getting my clients approved that everyone has been impressed, even the agents on the other side of the transactions saying “WOW, he’s good!


More importantly, Chebel works with the highest of ethics and determination that the right things are done and done correctly. He is honest, trustworthy and has access to products other lenders have either not had access to or were not aware they had access to. He has delivered on time, every time. He does not believe that “well, sometimes we just close late.” He believes that we get the job done and transactions close on time, or in many cases with vacant homes, ahead of time.


If you are in need of a great lender…not an average lender, call Chebel Mina. He will earn your business again and again and again. Cora B., Realtor, Surterre Properties

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